Waffle Crisp Cereal – Yes They Still Make It

Waffle Crisp cereal was one of my favorites in the early 90s.  I still remember the original commercials with a factory full of grandmothers making tiny waffles.  Well, to my astonishment, they still make it.  It is made by Post and it is not available in my area so I ordered online.  It still has the same great taste as I remember.  The shape of the tiny waffles has changed to a more squared shape but other than that they seem to be the same as I remember.  They manage to pack quite a bit of flavor into a tiny bite.  The idea of waffles in a bowl may not sound that appetizing but trust me, it is surprisingly delicious.   This is one of those cereals you need to only have in small servings because the taste is quickly lost in the milk.  So pour a small bowl and eat quickly!    I’m glad that I was able to find what I thought was a discontinued product.  Click HERE if you are interested in getting some yourself.

A Waffle Crisp video game was also created.  I guess this was to inspire kids to eat more cereal.  Click HERE for the game.

I Love the 80′s Cereal

As a child of the 80’s, I find myself constantly wanting to revisit the period.  Whether it be through pop culture, clothes, food or hair.   It was the best!  I don’t know if it was the booming economy, Reganomics or the general feeling of nostalgia, I love it.  So taking it back to the old school I’m going to talk about cereals.  I often find myself in conversations asking “do you remember” a certain short lived cereal.  Just about any remotely popular television show, movie or toy had its own cereal. 

The commercials helped spike my interest and beg my parents for the newest sugary treat on the shelf.  Of course this was back when kids actually had to watch commercials and wait a week to watch their favorite shows.  The commercials played a huge role in my desire.  They could make any bland flakes look like they were delicious.  I will post a few good ones below.  I plan on writing articles about my favorite cereals of this period of my childhood.  Keep an eye out for future musings on this topic. 

I could keep going but you get the idea.  Those commercials rock!

R.I.P. Corn-quistos

My fat holy grail. Many have tried and all have failed to copy the taste of the mighty Corn-quistos.    This is one of my absolute favorite snack foods.  It has been over 20 years since I have tasted them.

Okay so Corn-quistos are similar to Combos.  They are made by M&M/Mar just like Combos and probably used the same process.  The main difference is the outer shell was made of corn.   Similar to the consistency of a Frito but harder and the inside was filled with spicy nacho cheese or one of the other of 4 flavors.  These powers combined for a great tasting, crunchy, and spicy snack. I would always beg my parents to buy some at the grocery store.

Sadly, these are no longer made and from what I understand Combos were put out around the same time and obviously were more successful.  Also, I had heard that there
were problems with the cheese melting inside the bags.  I’m sure this also played a part in the premature deathof the Corn-quisto.  I have never been a big fan of Combos but if you are interested in trying something similar to the original flavor they do make a “Zesty Salsa Tortilla” flavor of Combos.  It is nowhere near the great taste of the original
but beggars can’t be choosers.

So everyone pour out a 40 ounce for my dead homie….. Corn-quistos.

Chasing Chocodiles

Chocodiles are the mysterious chocolate covered Twinkie.  Sadly they are a thing of the past or at least I thought this was the case until recently.  I was doing some research and found out that Hostess does still make these treats but only on the west coast.   I had originally heard about these on an old episode of That 70’s Show.    So with this new found knowledge all it took was a quick spin around the internet to harpoon my white whale.   I was like a fat kid on Christmas.  Fresh Chocodiles delivered to my doorstep.

Chocodiles are essentially just Twinkies covered with the same chocolate used for HoHos.  This tallies up to an additional 90 calories and more than twice the saturated fat.  Upon my initial taste test I was not very impressed but after additional tests I came to enjoy them quite a bit.  All in all, I would say that they are an improvement over the mere Twinkie.  The chocolate shell adds a bit of crunch and improves the consistency of the cake.  So all of you lucky folks on the west coast take advantage of the Hostess goodness and pick one up while you still have the chance.  Everyone else enjoy your memories or hop on the web.

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Chocodies Nutrition Facts

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