Hostess May Not Be Around Much Longer – Set To Close Doors Tonight

Everyone’s favorite snack cake comany may close it’s doors tonight if enough employees do not report to work.  The company says it cannot continue to stay in business under the current conditions.  “We simply do not have the financial resources to survive an ongoing national strike,” Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn said in a statement Wednesday.

Watch the video below:




Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike Anyone?

Mint chocolate chip ice cream has been a part of my life since I was a little kid. I have fond memories of my dad taking my sister and I to our local ice cream shop and that was the flavor for both of us! What a great combo. Well, you pair chocolate with most anything and I’m there but especially with mint. So while casing the ice cream isle I came across Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike Bars. Oh, I was all over them! They went immediately into my basket and headed to my house.  They are delicious! Tastes just like you’re eating a scoop right out of the ice cream shop. Now I have to say, as I was eating it I realized that the inside of what I was eating didn’t quite match what was pictured on the package. I did some research and saw where others had noticed the same thing. The picture on the box and Klondike website shows a smooth chocolate outside with a minty green inside speckled with chocolate chips. When you bite into an actual bar it’s just that familiar green ice cream minus the chips. But here’s the thing, the actual bar may not match the picture as shown but it’s still amazing. When you bite into that hard outer chocolate shell and it mixes in with the minty ice cream you get all the flavor of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’m kind of glad it doesn’t have the little chips as pictured. I’m not usually a fan of chocolate chips in ice cream because they are always hard and have a strange consistency when chewed. The shell is the right consistency of flakey that melts nicely as you chew. I recommend this Klondike bar to any mint chocolate chip ice cream lover.


Edy’s/Dreyer’s Samoas Ice Cream

So a few weeks ago we made the late night journey to the grocery store and I did what I often do.  I chose a new snack that seemed enticing at the moment.  These decisions usually lead to disappointment, as this one does also.  So this ice cream has little bits of Samoas mixed in it.  Samoas AKA Caramel Delights -  the popular girl scout cookie and my personal favorite of the bunch.  It sounds like a win –win situation.

First of all, this ice cream is reduced fat.  I had not even noticed this until I had already eaten a bowl.  This is not a problem but when someone buys ice cream with one of the most fattening cookies known to man in it I doubt that they would be concerned with counting calories.  I think this would taste better with a better tasting ice cream but I’m not totally sure that this cookie works very well in this capacity at all.  The cookies are great by themselves but the mixture does not work well for me at all.  Frankly. I would rather waste the empty calories on something that tastes better.  I would not recommend this ice cream blend.

There is also a Thin Mints and Tagalong varieties made by the same company.  These flavors are called limited so if you want to try them I would go get them now.

Happy Birthday Oreo!!

100 years of delicious eating and dunking. Whether you’re a “pull apart and eat the cream first”, “a dunker” or just a plain cookies and milk kind of person we all know, you can’t just eat one. They are milk’s favorite cookie after all. To help celebrate the special event Nabisco has given us a limited edition Oreo flavor: Birthday Cake Oreos. The cookie part looks and tastes like a regular Oreo, but the white frosting has rainbow sprinkles mixed in making it look like Funfetti. They were set to be only offered for about 6-8 weeks. If you were lucky or PFP enough to try them you’ll know they were quite delicious! Definitely a different taste from the normal cookie we all know and love. If you didn’t get the opportunity to taste them they basically tasted like two Oreo cookies with cake frosting on the inside. Now I have to say, I personally am a dunker. I don’t think I’ve ever just eaten an Oreo out of the package. I love the flavor that the combo makes and not to mention the soft yummy texture! Not so much with the Birthday Cake Oreos. I poured my cup of milk and sat down on my couch with the entire package in my lap (because you really never know how many is in the plan for consumption), grabbed my first Birthday Cake Oreo and did a little dunkeroo as normal. But I just wasn’t crazy about the taste. The sprinkle frosting mixed with the milk was just not a good combo for me. BUT! They were great right out of the package! This is a delicious cookie to celebrate a wonderful part of American history.  Here’s to 100 more years of milk’s favorite cookie! Happy Birthday Oreo!

Frying Myself Around the World, Part 3: Cheeseburgers

So today we travel to Scotland.  Apparently these days Scotland is known for frying all sorts of things that never needed to be fried.  Some of these items include pizza and chocolate bars.  I, for one, think this is a great idea.  Yeah I know it’s really unhealthy, but we are talking about a treat and something you only enjoy every once in a while.  Cheeseburgers – they just have to be deep fried right? 

So the recipe I found called for a pre-formed frozen burger patty.  I just so happened to have a few of these in the freezer so this is probably the main reason I tried this experiment in the first place.  Also, a cheese spread was put in the middle of two patties.  I just used easy cheese for this part because it was nearby.  I was a little afraid that the concoction may fall apart if there was actual cheese in the middle.  I used a simple beer batter for the patties.  A batter made of beer and flour.  Just add flour until you get the consistency you are looking for.  A cup or two of flour should be plenty.

You will need to deep fry the patties for quite a while to ensure that they are cooked all the way through.  For me this was around 8 – 10 minutes.   I have to say that this is definitely a different way to enjoy a cheeseburger.  They are not bad at all.  You may want to give these a try if you want to spice up your ordinary cheeseburgers.  They are also awfully large because of the two patties stacked on top of one another.  So you could always just try one patty at a time and put a slice of cheese on top when they come out of the hot oil.  Check these out sometime.

So now I’m headed back to the dual basket deep fryer laboratory!

The Chocolate Chunk Cookie from Chick-Fil-A, My Oh My!

This cookie is nothing short of perfect.  Seriously, it is perfect. This cookie is part of the new desserts recently added to Chick-fil-A’s dessert menu and boy is it amazing. They are baked fresh every day with both semi-sweet dark and milk chocolate chunks. And the size?  Large, they aren’t shy with the portion.  I have yet to figure out how they have them stored in the store. All I know is no matter what time of day you pick one up you open that package to a warm cookie with gooey chocolate chunks. Ugh, they are delicious! You can buy them singly or in a pack of six. The pack of six is the best deal and let’s face it, we’re in an economy where we’re all trying to save a buck so just go with the six ;) No really, check them out. If you are at all a chocolate chip cookie lover you will love these!!


Kellogg’s Krave – New Breakfast Choice

It’s crazy…so crazy that they had to spell it with a “k”.  This new breakfast cereal from Kellogg’s is a corn shell filled with chocolate.  In my opinion it sounds a lot better than it actually is.  I was on the fence about this one until a friend recommended it.  The cereal has an almost soggy texture before you even combine it with milk.  This, and the fact that it lacked much flavor of any kind, really took any excitement away.  I would not recommend this particular cereal.  There is also a full on chocolate flavor that I have yet to experience and it might be better.  I would have expected the chocolate to be more creamy and flavorful.  Oh well, at least they are trying new things.  Hopefully other enjoy this one more than I did.  The picture looks delicious!